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Mark Ayers

Mark Ayers has been playing music since the age of thirteen.  His primary instrument is the Guitar, but also plays Piano and Bass Guitar.

Mark has a degree in Music Theory and Composition from the State University of West Ga.  He studied Classical guitar with Lyster Bass of Atlanta Ga.  While in college he was introduced to Classical and Jazz Guitar and both have become his musical "driving force"


Cole Ayers

Cole Ayers has been playing music all his life. An early ear and years of practice have developed his skills to a fine edge.  His primary instrument is Drums, but also plays Piano, Guitar, and Bass Guitar. He also marched Cymbal line with the "Spirit" Drum Corps in which his section placed 2nd in the 2002 DCI competition. He has played with several groups in the West Ga area, including Holding Whispers.

He continues to write and record music and perform with OLM-Jazz and other groups. He is a major influence on OLM-Jazz's direction and style.




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