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-Are you a songwriter that needs to commit a song to paper?

-Do you have a song that needs to look as good as it sounds?

-Would you like an instrumental accompaniment recording of a song you have written?

Oak Lake Music can take a recording of your song or instrumental piece from any media (cassette, wav, mp3, or CD) and produce high quality sheet music. Not only can we transcribe your songs to standard piano and vocal format, but we can produce lead sheets, chord charts, MIDI files, and even produce and record multi-instrument accompaniment CDs.

We can provide sheet music in either printed form in several grades of paper or electronic PDF format that you can print or view on your computer.

See the “Submissions” section for available print options, suggested format, and an acceptance forms.

The “Samples” page shows examples of sheet music and chord charts of various works in PDF format. Also posted to that page are MIDI and MP3 accompaniment examples you can listen to.

The “Prices” page explains the available pricing structures (per job, per page, per minute) in detail. This page also covers the estimated time for completion of projects.


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