Six Voices - CG-100

Mark Ayers: Classical Guitarist

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  • Audio CD
  • Product Number: CG-100
  • Label: Oak Lake Music/Blue Towel Productions

Listen to Samples

Minuet in Em Robert de Visee  
Passacaille Robert de Visee  
Estudio 1 Fernando Sor  
Estudio 3 Fernando Sor  
Estudio 5 Fernando Sor  
Estudio 9 Fernando Sor  
Estudio 17 Fernando Sor  
Minute and Rondo from the Grande Sonata Fernando Sor  
Sarabande from Sonata in Bm for Solo Violin J. S. Bach
Double from Sonata in Bm for Solo Violin J. S. Bach  
Double des Gavottes from the 6th Suite for Cello J. S. Bach  
Gavotte en Rondeau from the 6th Suite for Violin J. S. Bach  
Prelude in C minor J. S. Bach
Allemande from 1st Lute Suite in Em J. S. Bach
Bouree from the 1st Lute Suite in Em J. S. Bach
Gavotte II from Suite in Am J. S. Bach  
Jesu Joy or Man's Desiring J. S. Bach  

CD Art

Album Description

A collection of Classical Guitar music performed by Mark Ayers.

Word from the Artist

The inspiring poem for this CD is "Conjuring Muse" (listed below). This CD contains some of my favorite classical guitar music. Bach is one of my favorite composers.

Conjuring Muse

Out of desperation, I caress them ever so softly.
Coaxing healing vibrations through the airs.
Spellbound my head nods, my chest resonates.
Driven away for a while my sadness, my cares.

Then, you are behind me! Looking on,
listening to the tension build and release.
Your hand touches my shoulder, you feel them through me
vibrations of the strings, six singing voices, temporary peace.

Bringing us together - Soaring, the music
takes us far; to a place for us alone.
Majestically drawn to the end, each phrase an epic
meaning deepens with each tone.

My hands still, the music ends. The six voices
ring to silence. Not the ending I would choose.
...I am again alone, except for those precious moments
linked to you, my muse.


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