Perfection and Other Dreams- JG-100

Mark Ayers: Jazz Guitarist

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  • Currently in Production
  • Expected Release Date: 2006

Product Details

  • Audio CD
  • Product Number: JG-200
  • Label: Oak Lake Music/Blue Towel Productions

Listen to Samples

Tu Sabas (You Know, Don't You?)  
Play Time  
The Air is So Thin Here  
Sparkles and Smiles    
It's My Favorite    
Look at You    
Can't Be Real    
Christmas Lights on the Ceiling    


Album Description

A collection of original Smooth Jazz/Bluesy Guitar tunes performed by Mark Ayers.

Word from the Artist

Inspired by artists such Larry Carlton here is my offering of original Jazz Music. Perfection is JUST a dream or so I've always been told. I try to answer this question- not that my music is perfect, but that the thoughts and feelings of a possible perfect are raised in this album.

All original music copyrighted by Blue Towel Productions
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