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-The first question to ask yourself when determining the best pricing structure for your project is "What Output Do I Need"? 

Lead Sheet - If you need a lead sheet then most likely the best price is "Per Page".   Lead Sheets consist of chords above the melody line and will therefore not be as many total pages as a piano and vocal score.  Lead Sheets are the most common and most requested format.

Piano and Vocal Score - If you need a piano and vocal score then most likely the best rate is "Per Minute".  This price structure is based on the length of the submitted song or instrumental piece submitted.  Minutes are rounded to the nearest quarter minute.

Complex arrangements - More complex arrangements such as choir or multi instrumental parts will have to be priced out based on the specifications of the project.  Let me know what you have in mind and I'll quote a price.


-No matter what type of output or arrangement you want, the follow items can be included in your project. 

MIDI - A MIDI file can be included for any type of arrangement.  These are very useful for practice and are not very expensive.  I do recommend you include MIDI if you have a computer and/or MIDI keyboard.

Accompaniment Recording - If you wish a MP3, WAV, or CD, once can be added to your order.  Again this is based on the complexity of the song or piece.  Listed below are some package pricing for accompaniment recordings.

Paper Quality - Two enhanced paper qualities are available: Medium Weight and Heavy Weight.


-How much will it cost for these services?

There are three pricing structures you can choose from:  Per Job, Per Page, and Per Minute.  The table below outlines prices for the various offerings

This is the cost per printed page.  If your song, once transcribed, is 3 pages long then the total will be $105.
Per Minute
This method of payment is determined by the length of your song.  A two-and-a-half minute song will cost you $112.50.
This price will be determined by the complexity of the project.  Particularly long or special arrangements benefit by using this pricing structure.
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-What do Options Cost?

MIDI files of your song vary based on the type of arrangements you choose. 

Piano Score MIDI = $35.00  

Lead Sheet MIDI= $25.00 

Accompaniment Recording
An accompaniment WAV or MP3 file depends on the instrumentation you select. 

Piano $25* per minute

Piano, Drums, Guitar, Bass $45* per minute

Paper Quality
There is no additional charge for standard weight paper.  The additional per-page costs to upgrade to higher quality paper are listed.

Medium Weight= 50¢ per page

Heavy Weight = $1.00 per page


-How Long Will it Take?

A lead sheet for a 3 minute song normally can be completed in one week.  More complex songs will take longer.

-There is a Minimum charge of $60 per job

*These costs are guidelines and may be changed based on project complexity.

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